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Choosing the right Psychic and Spiritual healer is easy when you turn to this natural born Psychic.Nicole is honored to be your choice for excellent service that caters to your needs. To schedule, an appointment gives us a call. Nicole looks forward to working with you!


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When I first met Nicole, believe it or not it was by accident. Now, after everything that has happened and how she has helped I know that God brought her into my life and our meeting was not by chance. She has given me much guidance and helped me in many areas of my life. I will continue going to Nicole and now see her as a friend as well.

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Angel cards , etc

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I’ve known Nicole for about 8 or 9 years now I believe and let me tell you she is amazing! Words can’t even describe how great and gifted she really is. I was in such a dark place when I first met her and she really helped me through a lot and gave me so much clarity and guidance in the right direction that I really needed at the time. She’s so supportive and treats you like family and will be there for you every step of the way no questions asked …she’s even got things with me and my lover back on track and I’m so Grateful ! Thank you so much Nicole for being there for me when I was a mess .. God makes no mistakes and I definitely feel he leaded me in your direction for a reason ❤ Thank you !!!

Renita Fish

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I must say I have been to plenty psychic and Nicole is Amazing and the location was so warm feeling it was a amazing reading she was easy to talk to when I say she is amazing she is the best When I say I have been to many even out of state but Nicole was amazing if you haven’t tried it you missing out thanks Nicole!

Shelesha Bell

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My life was in a mess could find my path. Had no clarity no direction. After seeing Nichole she helped me find peace within again, brought clarity that I could now see so clearly the right choices that I could not see before. My chakras ate now aligned and not only do I feel better my life is In such a good place! Thanks Nichole!

Sara Beckham

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For the past 16 years

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I met Nicole 16 years ago. She has been a true help and support. I’ve been through a lot and she is with me every step of the way. She is always on point with her readings … she never failed me !!!!! She is currently working on a case for me and everything is right on track as she predicts


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Angel reading

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I am in awe, Nicole was very accurate, precise and to the point. I needed clarity in my life and with some of the things that I was doing, I had a ton of great news, but then reality had just begun to face me, to the point where I was able to prepare for the things that are to come…Life Nicole, I am so grateful that we met today, this morning I woke up seeking and didn’t know why all I knew was… I needed to find it, and it leads me to you. how do I know? this morning I had an appointment at the Texas Bank just off Shiloh for the past two weeks I had planned to go thier…what I didn’t know after meeting you, that my GPS would have me to drive across the street from the bank lol, which freaked me totally, out’ i almost went home. I can’t wait to see you again, God Bless you, In a spiritual lead world people, EVERYONE NEEDS CLARITY! And this Nicole has provided…Amazing Gifted as well as Blessed!

Gigi Henson

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This was my first time trying something like that and i wanted to get everything thinking that in case i didn’t like one type of the reading but everything including the readings was spot on amazing and a life changing experience too i found the chakra balancing and healing to be the most amazing. As an awesome bonus Nicole is a very easy person to talk. She’s just awesome!

Guerard Nuage

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