A Natural Born Healer

She has helped and healed people all over the world!

Are you unsure about money, love, marriage, and other aspects of your life?

Garland Psychic in Garland, Texas, goes into every realm of your being for the answers you seek! Know more about your past, present, and future with my in-depth psychic readings. Call now for your 10-minute complimentary angel card reading today!

Unlimited questions & No time limit per each reading, all readings are confidential and nonjudgmental No audio or video recorder allowed. If you´re looking for some psychic entertainment to attend to your party to entertain your guest. She will make it a memorable night giving something for all your guest to talk about. Nicole offers all uplifting angel card and palm reading which are very satisfying bringing excitement & positive energies to the party.

Psychic Predictions 99,8% Accurate

The Benefits of


  • Connecting with Your Angels
  • Messeges from Your Angels
  • Enlightment
  • Connecting with Your Higher Sources
  • Answers to All Your Questions
  • Intuitive Channeling
  • 99.8 % Accurate  

Is a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Angel cards offer’s insight into relationships, careers, finances, and taps into their main situation.while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions.

              $65 No time limit

Charka Balancing & Reiki Healing

Do you feel like there is bad energy surrounding you? Are you constantly feeling sick or drained? Are you experiencing headaches? Stomachaches? Do you feel connected to people that you want nothing to do with? The answer might be as simple as an open chakra that needs to be cleared or sealed. Once negative energies lets itself in it is hard to let it out. Lucky for you I know how to control energy and clear and balance your Chakra’s so that you can go on living your life without the effects of bad energy.

I will scan your chakras one by one and determine where your energy is being drained and what I can do to improve it. Then I will begin clearing and fixing the problem areas with Chakra Balancing and Reiki Healing. What to expect after the Charka service has been completed? Balanced Chakra’s will improve confidence, health, increased energy, motivates success, communication, sexual energy, sex drive, calmness, happiness, love, feeling of joy and much more!    

Starting at $225 and up

The Benefits of

Energy Healing

  • Relieves Pain
  • Clears Emotions
  • Cleanses Toxins
  • Balances Moods
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Clears Life Blockages
  • Enhances Organ Functions

As an intuitive energy reader, I am often able to sense events or circumstances that have happened or are happening in your present life. Sometimes the information comes in the form of an image, sensation, or messages. I am able to connect to this information as a neutral observer through your energetic body. The information I receive intuitively is helpful in giving you a new perspective that will further assist with growth and healing.

                 $80 No time limit

Crystal Reading:

During a Crystal Reading, you will be presented with several unique crystals to choose from. Choose the ones that you are most attracted to, based upon how you feel or which catches your eye first.Your chosen combination of crystals shares your story. This story is about YOU, from your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is powerful; on one level, a positive mind encourages you to love unconditionally, have faith and dream big. A neutral mind encourages you to take time, breath, be patient and weigh your options. A negative mind causes you to live in doubt and fear, surrounded by old wounds and addictions. You Crystal Reading will tell which subconscious mind you are living in and it will explain to you how to increase or decrease your situation your experiencing.    

$100 No time limit 


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